Curtis McNamara

Managing Director | Somerville R.E – Ashfield

Curtis McNamara started his real estate career in 2005 as property officer at Somerville First National (now Somerville strata power by PICA group). After three years of mentoring, Curtis was promoted to Senior Property manager in charge of the entire property management section.

Under the guidance of Andrew Birchill, Curtis acquired skills in high level customer service and sales strategies which eventuated in Curtis being promoted to include the role as Head of Sales to his current position.

During this time Curtis was looking after 500 properties under management and was committed to delivering the highest level of service to all valued clients, being Vendors, Purchasers, Landlords and Tenants.

Because of the strength of the values developed early in his career, Curtis has established a network of repeat business, where clients know the higher level of service they will receive.

After the sale of Somerville First National, Curtis wanting to re-establish a personalised boutique agency in the area he formed his own company to deliver on his vision for a friendly and personalised service to his clients. This is reflected in Curtis’ mission statement for the company.

Curtis’ Mission Statement - To be the most personalised local real estate agent that client’s trust and can communicate their needs.

His Commitment to you:

-To provide the highest possible standard of service to all of our valued clients which means being always contactable and using his experience to answer the most difficult questions.

- Building a lifelong relationship so you know who you’re dealing with! (As a name not just a number)

- To maintain the highest ethical and business standards in all dealings with our clients

- To build a strong team work philosophy around his values 

- To foster professional development through regular training and keeping up to date with the latest   technology.

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